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We Understand Your Needs

As a marketing company we understand that your business or organization has unique needs when it comes to your website and the content that you need to have on it. We meet many business owners that are fed up with how hard it is to manage complex website content and how unprofessional and disjointed it looks as a result.. Many have looked high and low for solutions to easily add, modify and manage their unique content but have come up empty. Unfortunately even in today’s high-tech world, out of the box solutions to these needs simply do not exist… until now!

Solving the Content Management Solutions Others Can’t

Standard Content Management Systems (CMS) are great for editing basic web content such as photos and text. But when it comes to complex layouts such as Restaurant Menus, Price Lists, Employee Directories, Points of Interests, or even web sites with mixed content or unique layouts there is simply no fast, easy, and point-and-click way to manage it with an off-the-shelf CMS.

To make management of your unique website content easier and improve the overall function, layout and usability of your website, we have developed unique tools to fill in the gaps where no one else has a solution!

Our Website Solutions & Apps

Each of our applications (called Toolboxes) allow control over your website content in an easy to use, point-and-click format. Each Toolbox integrates seamlessly with out Content Management System and is designed to provide you with easy control and editing of your unique content as well as provide a professional, visually appealing presentation of your content to visitors.

Current Solutions Include:

  • Management of Bed & Breakfast Rooms:
    Complete control over photos, room specs, amenities, and reservations. Allows separating rooms by type or category.
  • Management of Catering Menus:
    Complete control over catering style menus. Add sections, add-ons, pricing, items included, etc. Items can be priced individually, as a group or as a menu. Items support sizes and description. Drag and drop items around menu to rearrange Choose the menu layout, number of columns and style. Add a photo to the menu and/or a downloadable / printable PDF version. Menus can be grouped by type and rearranged Delete items, sections or entire menus at any time.
  • Management of Restaurant Menus:
    Mostly same features as catering menus but geared to restaurants.
  • Captcha Integration on Comment and Contact Forms:
    Reduce spam by verifying that the commenter is a human.
  • Employee and Member Profiles:
    Add employees, names, titles, photos, contact info, bios, and integrated video player for video bios. Create categories for employees and assign employees. List all employees or only ones from a specific category.
  • Event Calendar Lists:
    Manage lists of events. Add dates, times, event info such as description, vendors, speakers, sponsors, etc. Add photo, location / map and more. Select RSVP dates, provide links to online registration and provide downloadable/printable PDFs. Organize event by type or date.
  • Web Reviews & Ratings:
    Allow customers and visitors to leave ratings and reviews for products and or your business. Supports star ratings with rating title and comments. Full moderation of ratings and comments including approve, edit, spam, and delete.
  • Pixel Controlled Positioning & Layout:
    Allows for complex page layout with the CMS editor. Easily place photos left or right of text or create multiple columns of text with pixel precision. No HTML programming required!
  • Customized & Rotating Featured Item:
    Display featured items on your home page (or any page). Choose items to display, upload a photo and write a description. Select items to display in random order or in set order. Change items at any time. Can be used for promotions, sales or mini photo gallery to show off new products.
  • Product Gallery Carousel:
    Display products or photos in a gallery with interactive animations. Customized animation styles, speed and layout. Complete control over photo / product placement and order. Add product photos and description with optional larger image popup. Perfect for fashion, jewelry, photography, art, portfolios, etc.
  • Location Management:
    Full control over your business locations. Add / remove locations at any time. Specify names, addresses, managers, phone numbers, email addresses, hours of operation, holiday hours, etc. Automatic mapping and driving directions, check ins, etc. Manual map plotter allows for custom placement of location. This fixes the common issue where GPS maps do not have your location in the right spot.
  • Map Plotting:
    Plot locations on maps easily. Perfect for any situation where you need to plot random locations and provide a interactive map with clickable details of the location. Fully customized map.
  • Page Banners:
    Many sites feature a large image at the top of the page. Easily add / swap out images to the tops of your pages. Update anytime. Can also be used for promotional banners.
  • Rotating Site Banners / Ad Creator:
    Many sites use interactive banners that rotate on the home page or every page. Often these are used for ads or to spotlight the services of the business. Easily create your own ad or banner. Simply upload an image to create. Add text, change color, size and placement all on the screen. Preview your creation in real time. Drag and drop slides (banners) to rearrange. Add, modify and delete anytime. Control transition, speed, effect and navigation. Show 1 banner or show 5. It is up to you!
  • Multiple Page Image Management & Layout:
    Easily place images into your pages without having to worry about layout within the CMS. Layout is automatically handled for you. Modify image position with sliders or drag and drop to rearrange. Add, modify and delete at any time. Supports auto-resize on upload to make sure your images are the correct size as well as optimized mobile versions.
  • Full Page Photo Slide Shows:
    Run slide shows within the full page (or any size) easily. Upload photos, drag to arrange.
  • Points of Interest with Map Plotting:
    Create a list of points of interest easily. Add name, details, photo, address, etc. Create categories and arrange points of interest by each set category. Automatically generate an interactive map with each point plotted with details available on click. Also generates a directory of each point of interest.
  • Recent News / Blog Rotator & Display:
    An automated display of the latest news or blog posts from your site. Great for home pages or sidebar content. Multiple layouts and options.
  • Search Engine Optimization Tool:
    Easily update meta tags on each page of your site. Professional utility uses industry standards to assist with SEO. Generate descriptions and keywords automatically using our unique algorithm or use your own or a combination.
  • Social Sharing:
    Provides simple way for visitors to share your site’s content with their friends on social networks.
  • Brand Catalogs:
    Easily create a small catalog directly on your site. Ideal uses are for when you have a collection of brands and want to showcase brands you carry and provide a unique page for each. Each brand’s page can feature a list of products, photos or descriptions. For larger catalogs, we have other solutions available!
  • Hybrid Flash/HTML5 iOS Compatible Video Player:
    Display videos from media sharing sites such as youtube, other places or hosting on Advertising Solutions, Inc. own Video CDN servers for fast playback. Video player easily inserted on any page with no HTML coding. Create playlists or single videos. Video player automatically detects type of device used and delivers the video in a compatible format. Fully compatible with iOS devices!
  • Web Analytic (Statistics) Reporting:
    View web site statistics form within your CMS anytime.
  • Professional Lightboxes & Galleries:
    Create professional looking photo galleries with lightbox popups.

We are constantly developing new website solutions and apps to meet the need to our clients and industries that are lacking easy to use solutions. Additionally we periodically update our Toolboxes which deliver new features to our clients automatically.