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Why is My Site Not Profitable? Where are the Sales?

Many business owners ask themselves this everyday. After spending thousands of dollars for a website, they are left wondering where the visitors are, why there are no sales and how come everything they seem to do has no effect.

There are several factors that can contribute to a site failing either in activity or sales. Advertising Solutions, Inc. will give your website a thorough, honest and open evaluation. This evaluation includes:

  • Website Rank: We will review and analyze your website’s rankings in the major search engines. We will check page rank, index, backlinks, etc.
  • Coding & SEO: We will review your website’s coding including search engine optimization. We will also check the validity of the site’s coding, the technology in use and the compatibility of used technology and content with established web guidelines and standards for design and SEO.
  • Design & Layout: We will review your website’s design layout and overall navigation structure taking into account known user statistics for attention span, usability and common visual hotspots.
  • Content: Review of your website’s content for relevancy, optimization, flow, readability, accessibility and technology.

Reviews Based on Industry Standards- Not Opinions

Unlike other “web designers and developers” who tell you what you want to hear or skew their findings for their own benefit, we review your site based upon established industry standards such as w3c, web 2.0 and other standards such as such as goggle website guidelines. Additionally, we look closely for dangerous, yet often used, non-industry, black-hat tactics and standards that can completely kill your web presence.

Evaluate, Report, Recommend:

Once we have reviewed your site, we will go over our findings as well as a detailed plan of attack. Such a plan may be as simple as a few tweaks to your site or code or as drastic as an entire new design with fresh, compliant, search engine friendly code.