Photo Retouching & Editing

Building Great Marketing by Improving Your Photos

Photo Retouching

Image Quality Matters

Whether it is a website, brochure, magazine, television or other type of ad, professional photography makes your marketing pop and says wonders for your business or organization. Unfortunately, sometimes the photo you are required to use is less then desirable. Perhaps the photo was taken by a cheap point and shoot camera or maybe it was a scan of a print or film. Maybe the individual that was hired to take photos wasn’t a professional or just did a poor job. Or maybe the photo just simply needs a few minor tweaks to get it to look perfect.

Let Us Fix Your Photos

Whatever your image issues are, the professional image editing team at Advertising Solutions, Inc. is happy to help. Our photo editors are professionally trained and have over a decade of experience in photo editing and digital image manipulation.

Common Image Editing Services Include:

  • Removal of wrinkles, veins, spots and blemishes from skin.
  • Smoothing & softening of skin and whitening of eyes & teeth.
  • Removal of text, people or objects from photos.
  • Isolating of people or objects and placement on solid color or transparent backgrounds.
  • Color, hue, brightness, contrast and sharpness correction.
  • Restoration of scanned photos.
  • Spot and scratch removal.
  • Blending of photos and exposure levels
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography.
  • Compositing and digital art.
  • Digital Negative (RAW) editing.
  • Digital photo stitching (panoramic)