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with Analytics and website statistics review

Analytics Review

Confused by Website Statistics? We Can Help.

Analytics and/or Website Statistics are often difficult to understand. Most businesses quickly focus on three main parts, hits, views and visits and completely skip all of the other information they have available to them. This is a huge mistake and greatly limits the power that is at the business owner’s fingertips.

Advertising Solutions, Inc. can review your Analytics and Website Statistics and educate you in what information is most important to your business and website. We can also review and interpret your statistics and make suggestions as to how to best make your website and marketing plans work for you.

Services Include:

  • Analytics Installation and Implementation: Setup and installation of Analytics and scheduling of automated reports;
  • Analytics Education: You and/or your staff can benefit from us educating them as to what your data means and what areas you should focus on most based upon known industry standards and common industry-related statistics;
  • Recommendations: Using our expertise, we can make knowledgeable recommendations on how to improve your website or marketing campaigns based on your Analytics reports;
  • Determine Issues With Your Site: Comparing your website with your analytics statistics to pinpoint critical bottlenecks, hang-ups and problem areas resulting in lack of interest, sales or activity.
  • Determine Cost Effectiveness of Marketing: Discovering effectiveness and worthwhile of marketing campaigns via analytics review