Professional Video Production

without the high costs and lousy production value

Video Production

Full Service Video Production Services

Advertising Solutions, Inc. provides professional video production for businesses, organizational and governmental marketing. We were one of the first companies that introduced cutting edge video production to the web for a “DVD Like Presentation”. Key Video Production Services Include:

  • Planning & Script Writing:
    From concept creation to script writing to media script generation we take care of it all so you will know the final production content from the start.
  • On / Off-Location Shooting:
    We support shooting at both out location or your business, office, warehouse, etc.
  • Video Capture and Conversion:
    Capturing of video frame tape or DVD and converting to digital format including web codecs.
  • Full Service Video Editing:
    Professional video editing including narration and musical scoring on content we shoot or existing content supplied by you.
  • True Professional Equipment:
    We don’t show up with a cheap camcorder and tripod. We use professional video, audio, and lighting equipment and backdrops. We take time to balance lighting, set correct angles, setup scenes, etc.
  • Full Marketing of Completed Videos:
    Marketing includes content syndication and publication to DVD, TV, Internet and Social Media Networks.
  • Multimedia Video Based Websites:
    We can combine our Professional Video Production services with Interactive Web Development to create a website with a “DVD-Like presentation” showcasing your videos in a mixture of rich content that delivers an experience that demands attention and keeps the visitor entertained.
  • Video For TV, DVD, Internet & Mobile Devices:
    Our video production allows for complete compatibility with many presentation devices and mediums.

Types of Video Production

There are many ways your business or organization can benefit from video production. Examples include:

  • Online Video: Enhances your website, attracts clients and further helps your marketing and presence;
  • Vlogging & Viral Media: Series of online broadcasts launches over the internet on websites, video services and social networks.
  • Training Videos: Show individuals how to use a product, equipment or service;
  • TV Commercials: For On-Demand and Cable and Local Network TV;
  • DVD Production: For distribution or sale;
  • Testimonials: Clients speaking out about your products or services;
  • Interviews and Profiles: Individuals speak out about their experiences.

Video Marketing

Video Content Syndication with Multiple Devices and Mediums

Advertising Solutions, Inc. can market your videos across multiple mediums and devices including TV, DVD, Kiosks, On-Demand, Web, Gaming Consoles, Mobile Devices, Social Networks, and more. Our Video Syndication services allows your video to reach millions of potential viewers.

Internet and Social Media Syndication

Using video on your website will make it more dynamic, exciting and entertaining. Research has shown that web sites that have videos keep visitors at them longer. This may result in higher profit and more clients. Advertising Solutions, Inc. has produced several webmercials and spots for internet advertising and launched marketing campaigns on sites such as:

Internet and Social Media Networks

TV and ON-Demand Broadcasting

Advertising Solutions, Inc. also has produced several television spots for local, cable and On-Demand television advertising. We have worked closely with the following television providers:

TV and ON-Demand Providers