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Our Content Management System (CMS) allows clients to add, modify, and delete content on their site at any time. Change text, swap out photos, add a blog, change promotions, and more. Our CMS combined with our powerful ASI:Toolbox modals allows for complete management of your site’s content all within a single easy to use interface.

No software to buy. No learning programming. Our CMS software runs in the cloud and works on any computer via a web browser. If you can write an email, you can use our CMS.

How it Works:

How a CMS Works

  • Login to the CMS with a computer or mobile device.
  • Within the CMS you can add, delete, or modify text, photos, addresses, hours, promotions, blogs, videos, pdf’s files and more.
  • Publish your changes with the click of a button.
  • Your changes appear on the live website immediately.
  • Search engines are notified that you changed content on your site.

Overview of Features:

  • Easy to use:
    Takes minutes to learn. If you can write an email you can use this system.
  • Extremely Affordable:
    For pennies a day you can have the flexibility of this system
  • Multiple Users:
    Give access to other employees so they can edit your site’s content as well. Multiple tier’s of users allows for flexibility and control of what a user can edit and what they can and cannot do.
  • Automatic RSS:
    When you make a change a RSS feed is generated to alert individuals of the new content on your site.
  • Visitor Interaction:
    You have the ability to allow visitors to the site to leave comments on your pages. This works great for articles, events, testimonials and more.
  • Automatic Sitemaps & XML Feeds:
    When you add a page to your site, the system automatically generates an updated sitemap and sends an alert to the search engines that your new page is available.
  • No Software to Buy: The SAAS software runs in the cloud and you can access it for free from any web browser or via our mobile app.
  • Scalable Features With Add on ASI:Toolboxes :
    With the installation of one or more of our one-of-a-kind ASI:Toolboxes, you can add additional features to your site and easily manage them. For example, easily add and manage coupons, promotional ads, reviews and ratings, maps, menus, social network feeds, news, employee profiles, and more! And best of all, new Toolboxes are always being added!
  • Reliable:
    Built on PHP and using MYSQL, this system is efficient, reliable and fast.
  • Mobile Optimized:
    Easily add a mobile optimized version of the site.
  • Integrated Web Stats:
    In CMS website statistics gives you a quick overview of your the site is doing, who is going there, what search engine they came from, what keywords they used and what areas of the site are most popular.
  • Client Video Learning Center:
    All CMS installations come with access to our Client Video Learning Center. Here you can see recorded step-by-step videos for how to get the most out of your site and CMS utility.