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One-Click Publishing To All Your Social Networks

Social Media Content Syndication

What is Syndication?

Say your company is running a promotion. First you update your website with your promotion. Then you login to Facebook and post the same info. Next it is off to Twitter to repost. Now you head over to your blog to post it there. And finally you follow up with perhaps your Tumblr, Linked-In or other similar networks.

That’s a lot of wasted time posting the same thing over and over again. This is where Content Syndication comes in.

How it Works

By simplifying updating your website, all your social media networks and blogs are automatically updated with the same content. So now when you go to post that promotion, you put it on your website and our Content Syndication Solution takes over to repost it instantly.

How Content Syndication Works


  • Save Time:
    Stop wasting time posting the same content to multiple networks. Post it once to your website and have the information appear on all your social networks and blogs.
  • Consistent Information:
    Content Syndication ensures that the same information is posted across each network.
  • Automatic Formatting for Twitter:
    Automatically formats your posted content so it fits Twitter’s short character limit.
  • Automatic Link / Landing Page Creation:
    Automatically generates a link back to your website and the page the content was added on. This allows you to provide more information then social network post boxes generally allow. Included link is also minimized to take up as little room as possible.
  • Encourage Social Followers to Visit Your Site:
    Included link in each syndicated post allows social followers to visit your website to learn more about your posted content. This encourages social followers who may not browse your site much visit to your site more often, potentially leading to more sales.
  • Easily Enable or Disable:
    Easily choose what content on your site gets sent to your social networks and what content doesn’t.
  • Multiple User Accounts For Twitter & Other Social Media Sites:
    Ever want to have multiple people post to your Twitter account or other Social Media site without having to give them your password? Our Content Syndication solution makes it easy to do just that. Now instead of having to give your password to multiple users, you can create multiple user accounts for each user and never reveal to them the password to your account!