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Social Networking

How We Can Help

Advertising Solutions, Inc. understands that Social Networking can be confusing to many businesses owners and acknowledges that many businesses don’t understand how they can use these services to their advantage. We not only can help assist you in setting up your social media but we can also assist you in maintaining and coming up with creative ways to make it work for you

Social Networking Sites

Available Social Network Marketing Services:

  • Establishment and Setup:
    We add your business or organization on applicable social media networks so that users of those networks may find you.
  • Customizing & Branding:
    We brand your profiles and pages on each social media network so it fits with your corporate branding, style and message. We additionally fill out your profile with applicable information such as mission statements, addresses, hours, etc.
  • Install Social Media Syndication Beacon:
    We install a beacon that allows your website to send synchronized content directly to your social media profiles. This makes it easy to keep your profiles updated with current information, saves time and provides a way to draw visitors back into your site.
  • Creation of Facebook Apps / Tabs:
    We can create unique apps that allow facebook users to access specific information such as catalogs, directories, calendars of events, etc. directly from your Facebook page. The information for each of these apps is automatically synchronized from your website so as your website is updated so is your Facebook App.
  • Creation of Facebook Fan Only Content:
    We can create special fan only content (person must like your business) for users of facebook. This is a great way to increase fans / likes. Offer coupons, information, videos, etc.
  • Management of Your Social Media:
    We can assist you in managing your social media and provide you with creative thinking and ideas on how best to reach existing and attract new followers.
  • Growth of Facebook Likes:
    Whether you are just starting out or want to increase your Facebook like count quickly, we have solutions for that.