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Blogging Solutions

Blogging is a great way to add value to your site, keep visitors informed about your business, share news, broadcast events and also provide an open forum for to allow visitors to comment, respond and participate in your website.

While those are great reasons to start blogging, by far one of the biggest benefits to blogging is the boost in content and search engine rankings that can come from it. Search engines love good quality content and they favor websites that are updated often with fresh information. Blogging is one of the best, most affordable and cost effective solutions for increasing content and search engine relevancy for your site. Websites that are not implementing blogging are at a disadvantage.

Not All Blogs Are Created Equal

It is true that anyone can setup a blog, however only blogs that are setup and implemented correctly will be of benefit to your business and/or website. To be most effective, your blog should be installed on your actual site, not a sub domain or third party website. Additionally there are techniques that should be used when blogging that most business owners and individuals overlook or are unaware of.

Where We Come In

Advertising Solutions, Inc. can quickly setup your blog using proven, time tested, easy to use blogging software. There is nothing that needs to be installed on your end and no software to buy. We can give you a professional blog, that seamlessly integrates into your site’s layout and design. Your blog will run off your domain name– not a sub domain or extension on someone else’s site.

We can install and setup your blog in a short period of time and can help train you how to use the system effectively. Advertising Solutions, Inc. will also assist you in adding to your blog any existing content you already have, thus getting you off to a quick and easy start. As an added bonus, we can also provide blogging services in which we will can take over and add the content for you at scheduled intervals.

Podcasting Solutions

Podcasting is an extension on blogging. Although often outside the scope of marketing practicality for the the average business owner (most industries do not fit within the purpose of podcasting), Advertising Solutions, Inc. offers podcasting solutions for those industries that require it.

In a nut shell, Podcasting allows visitors to your site to receive automatic downloads of vocal or musical content that you create. When you upload your podcasts, they are alerted and your content is sitting their waiting for them to listen to it.

We can easily get you setup and ready to podcast. Once again, your podcast will be coming from your own website for the most professional look.