Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Professional Exchange Services Without The High Cost

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Services

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Benefits

  • No Equipment or Software to Buy or Install:
    No need to buy expensive servers or software, run cable, get a dedicated IP Address or devote valuable space to a dedicated server setup. Hosted Microsoft Exchange runs in the cloud and eliminates the astronomical installation and maintenance costs of old fashioned Exchange Installations.
  • No IT Staff to Hire:
    Because Hosted Exchange runs off site, you have no IT costs. There is no need to hire someone to install hardware or software and nothing to maintain. Our easy installation software make adding a new Exchange account to your Outlook as easy as pointing and clicking.
  • Automatic Hardware & Software Updates:
    Eliminate the costs of having to replace hardware or servers every other year. Forget about having to worry about upgrading software or installing patches. We do it all for you with no additional cost or downtime to you.
  • Free Outlook & Entourage Licenses:
    Eliminate the cost of purchasing Outlook for each employee. We give you are free licensed copy with each email address / Exchange account.
  • No Worrying About Security, Power or Backup:
    Our high level security datacenter features state-of-the-art security including biometric scanners. Only select personal have access to the physical servers. All of our servers have redundant real-time backup so should one go offline, your data is still available and secure. Backup battery and diesel generators are on constant standby should grid power be lost even for a sustained period of time.

How It Works

Exchange makes it easy to instantly synchronize all your devices with your email, contacts and calendars. Send an email? It shows up on every device’s sent items box. Add a contact to your phone? It shows up on your computer. Schedule an appointment via your laptop? Get a reminder on your phone. It’s that easy!

How Exchange Works

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 Features

  • Free License for the Latest Version of Outlook or Entourage:
    Get a free copy of Outlook 2007, 2010 or Entourage. – A $120 value per email box!
  • Unlimited Mailbox Storage:
    Never run out of mailbox space! Whether your mailbox is 100Mb or 100Gb, it doesn’t matter. You have room for it all!
  • Spam & Antivirus Protection:
    Limit spam and protect your incoming mail from harmful viruses with automated server-side spam and virus scanning.
  • Access to Email Anywhere, Anytime:
    Access mail from your desktop, laptop, web browser, mobile phone or tablet!
  • Automatically Sync the Latest Email, Calendar, and Contact Data:
    Your email, calendar and contacts appear on all your devices automatically! Never worry about having to manually sync your devices. Add a contact on one device and it appears on every device.
  • Outlook Web App (OWA) Included:
    Access your email, calendars and contacts from any web browser. OWA look and functions just like outlook so there is no learning curve or confusing interfaces.
  • Message Mirror™:
    Monitor and organize messages for compliance with company email policies. This solution creates a copy of every email message – incoming and outgoing – in a separate folder so you can refer to it when needed.
  • Compliant Email Archiving:
    This feature allows you to archive all messages in accordance with all legal documents and regulations using a 3rd Party Archiving Service Provider.
  • Company Disclaimer:
    You can impose company-wide email policies like a signature or legal disclaimer for all email that your staff sends outside of the organization. These disclaimers cannot be edited or removed by the user.
  • Multiple Data Centers:
    Data centers on both East and West US coasts allows our customers to connect to our nearest datacenter for lightening fast data delivery.
  • Redundant Servers & Data Replication:
    Redundant servers ensures that should one go offline, your email is still up and running. Data is replicated in real time for instant backup of your information.
  • Diesel Generator & Battery Backup:
    Our Exchange servers are protected against power spikes and outages ensuring your email is always up and running even though a prolonged outage.