Website Design Myth #10 – My Current Site Is Dead. I’m Not Wasting Money On Redesign.

"I had a web site before, but no one ever went to it. I'm not wasting my money again." In this article we will explore why if your website is not getting results you might feel it was a waste of money and how you can best fix it.
Monday, October 7th, 2013

Websites Don’t Work?

We sometimes run across business owners who tell us that they are completely discouraged with the lack of business brought in from their website and don’t feel it is worth putting any more money into it. Some of these business owners have spent thousands of dollars on multiple web designers and multiple redesigns and just can’t seem to attract any business. In all honesty one can see why they would feel that after several failed attempts, trying again would be useless.

Identifying the Problem

A web site should generate money… not cause you to throw it away.  In order to understand why a website is not working we have to look to two places; The Business Owner and the Website Designer.

The first place to look is obviously the Web Designer or more specifically his or her work. Most web designers out there are limited to skills that allows them to simply build pages and put them online. The key skills, knowledge, and experience they lack is in the area of internet marketing and this causes a quick failure of your website’s marketability. The best way to determine why your site is failing is to look closely at your site visually, programmatically, and from a internet marketing perspective. Additionally your short and long term goals need to be looked at to determine where you want to move your website and business. The goal is to go many steps beyond what your typical web designer does and instead approach your entire website from an experienced internet marketing perspective.

The second place to look is the business owner. Now we know most business owners don’t want to hear that they are also responsible for the success of their websites but the fact of the matter is that they are. For example if the phone company comes in and installs a phone in your office but when it rings you never pick it up, is it the fault of the phone company? No. The business owner has to be proactive in answering the phone as well. The same is true for websites.

A good web designer and internet marketing expert should sit a business owner down and go over key ways to best market his or her website. This educational process should be part of any marketing strategy involving your website. From here, you as a business owner should be able to talk the information you have been provided and be able to stay proactive in your website’s existence and overall success.

Advertising Solutions, Inc. provides many services to repair failing and outdated websites. We will review your current site, overall marketing plan and even your company’s online presence to determine what is going wrong. We will help you set realistic goals and provide you the tools you need to allow you to be successful online.

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