Website Design Myth #8 – My Designer Will Handle It All

"The web site designer I hire will handle all aspects of my web site's construction." In this article we will look at what a good website designer should include in his or her final product.
Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Won’t My Designer Take Care of Everything?

Many business owners assume that when they hire a website designer, the designer will take care of every aspect of the website. Unfortunately this is often not true. What’s worse is that most of the critical areas that may be lacking in a web designer’s work are hidden from your view and instead dwell inside the actual coding of the website.

Most website designers focus on the visual aspects of the site and completely skip critical things such as Heatmapping, Social Integration, Search Engine Optimization, Page Load Speed, Device Optimization, W3C Compliance, WAI Compliance, Content Delivery, Content Syndication, Sitemaps, Search Engine Registration, and more.

A Reputable Designer Does It All

At a reputable and experienced web designer will handle all of the critical aspects of your website leaving you to not have to do anything or turn to any other companies or services. Advertising Solutions, Inc. is such a company. We handle all aspects of your website from acquiring your domain name, laying out, designing, programming, constructing, launching, hosting, promoting, and maintaining your website. And unlike web designers that are here today and gone tomorrow we are here to provide support, maintenance and additional marketing in whatever venues have yet to be invented!

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