Website Design Myth #13 – I Have a Facebook Page. I Don’t Need a Website.

"I already have a Facebook page for my business, I don't need a website!" In this article we will explore why replying on social media alone is a bad idea.
Monday, October 28th, 2013

Facebook Isn’t Enough

In this day and age with the popularity of social networking sites, it is tempting for a small business start-up or home based business owner to decide that a Facebook page is all he or she needs to advertise his or her business. While Facebook is a good way to attract business and you should be on there, Facebook is still not a substitute for a website.

Let’s take a look at some problems with relying only on Social Networking as your only source of an internet presence.

  • No Established Domain Name: Your domain name is your internet home and without one you are missing out on a large number of potential visitors. A domain name is an address you bring with you and that you brand to your business. Social Networks come and go but your domain name always remains the same.
  • Less Customization Content: Social Networks like Facebook limit the amount and type of information that you can share with visitors. How do you share your menu or product’s info on Facebook? You can’t.
  • Looks Unprofessional: Today having your own website is as expected as having a phone number.
  • Not Everyone Uses Facebook: It may be surprising but only about half of Americans use Facebook. This means that by relying on Facebook alone you are cutting out half your potential audience.
  • People Don’t Shop On Facebook: Facebook is a great place to share things with your friends but when it comes to searching for a business, product or service, search engines and directories are where people go to.  With no website, you won’t be listed in the results people are making buying decisions from.
  • No Guaranteed Future: Remember Friendster? Social Networking sites come and go and while Facebook has remained popular for some time now, there is no guarantee of what the future holds. Having your own website allows you to be sure that your place on the internet is secured.

One of the biggest reasons that business owners don’t have their own website built is because they are worried about the price and feel they can’t afford one. With Advertising Solutions, Inc. you can be sure you are getting high quality website design work and internet marketing that gets results at a very affordable price.

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