Website Design Myth #7 – Websites Are Too Expensive

"I can't afford to hire a professional web designer. Professional Web designers are too expensive." In this article we will discuss the costs of professional web design and why you might be overpaying.
Friday, March 30th, 2012

It Costs How Much?!

Depending on who you contact regarding web design services, it may seem that websites are in fact too expensive. The truth however is that you are probably overpaying.

Let’s Set Some Proper Expectations

Before we start down the road of explain why some web design companies’ prices are so high, let’s first set some proper expectations as to what your minimum web development costs should be. Unfortunately there are many business owners out there that shop for a web designer with the idea that it will cost only $200 or so to get a professional website made. Realistically speaking, since no true professional web designer is that cheap, the only web designers at this budget range will be those that bring very little value marketing wise to the table.

Why Did Another Company Quote Me So Much?

As a professional web design company, we talk to many future clients who share with us that they have been quoted thousands of dollars over what we charge for the same level or superior level of services. So why the difference in prices? Well the same reason for the differences in prices for web design is the same reason why you can find the same product for two different prices at different stores. One store is overcharging while the other isn’t.

So why specifically are you being overcharged? There are several reasons:

  1. They Get Away With It: Many web design companies overcharge their clients simply because they feel they can get away with it.
  2. Hidden Fees: Some companies will add in extra fees or costs for things like photos, text, or other content.
  3. Add-Ons: Others upsell you with add-on’s that are not related directly to your website’s design or have little or no benefit to your business.
  4. Outsourcing: Many web design companies outsource their design work to other companies or indivuiduals overseas. This adds to the cost of development since the web designer has to pay the outsourced designer and still make their usually profit.
  5. Padding Budget: Some web designers will pad the quote for web design simply because they are not completely sure if they are able to handle your website design needs. The extra padding allows them to hire a third party or outsource should they get stuck in something they are not able to handle.
  6. Learning / Buying Tools On The Job: Sometimes designers will add into the cost of your website design the education, software or other tools they will need to buy in order to complete your website. For example a web designer may not know how to put together a certain feature you want and will waste time and money learning how to actually create it. Similarly a designer may not have the software he or she needs to complete your project and makes you buy it for them… and of course you are none the wiser.

Everyone Can Afford a Website

It all comes down to this; everyone should be able to afford a professional website. As long as your pricing  expectations are not ridiculously low, you should never fall over backwards when hit with a price quote from a reputable company. Because of this, website design quotes from Advertising Solutions, Inc typically fall between 30% – 90% off most other web designers offering the same level of design.

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