Website Design Myth #6: All Web Designers Know About My Business.

"Any designer will know about my industry and specific business needs." In this article we will discuss why understanding a business industry is important when catering to that industry.
Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Just because a website designer has created a handful of websites does not mean that he or she is up to the challenge of creating a website for your business. How can a designer that has only designed sites for auto repair garages turn around a design a site for a spa or salon and have that site be successful? The answer is simply… they can’t.

Who’s Job is it After All?

Why should you have to hold you website designers hand and educated him or her about your industry? This is a waste of time, money, and a headache to you. You need a website designer with a background in catering to a diverse range of business and industries.

The Professional Steps In:

For example, Advertising Solutions, Inc. is one such company that has experience in catering to hundreds upon hundreds of industries over the years.  Chances are Advertising Solutions, Inc. already knows your industry and probably already has designed a website dealing with it. Rather then having to hold the hand of your designer or educating your designer about your business, Advertising Solutions, Inc. already knows what you do and has an idea of your specific need. This unique ability allows Advertising Solutions, Inc. to quickly design a website for your business and industry that not only makes sense… but gets results.

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