Website Design Myth #5: A Collage Student Can Build My Site.

"I was contacted by a collage student and was told he could build my website for peanuts." In this article we will discuss why hiring a collage student to handle your website design needs is a bad idea.
Friday, January 1st, 2010

Once again watch out and be cautioned that you get what you pay for. As we have talked about in previous Website Design Myths you need to understand what separates a Professional Website Designer from everyone else.

Before you commit to having a student design your web site shop around. Chances are the amount of money he or she wants is two or three times the average rate. If not, explore their work.

When we originally published this article we wrote:

Unfortunately most collages do not have actual classes for web site design. Instead they have graphic design courses that my dabble in the subject.

Today this has changed a bit. Website design classes can be found at most colleges but once again designing a website from instructions you read in a book or are taught in a school classroom  is no substitute for real world experience. As a Professional Website Design company, Advertising Solutions, Inc. has seen tons of “fresh out of school” job applicants who had no clue what they were doing. We have also seen others who, once out of school, had to spend months unlearning the misguided information and techniques they picked up from their “outside the industry” professors and teachers.

Finally a big consideration will be how accessible will this person be? Will there be support? What if he or she changes career paths? We see many many business owners that get stuck when they can’t get in touch with their designer.

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